popular social media

popular social media

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Generating leads is one of the major goals of any business in order to stay relevant in the long run. Inbound marketing is one of the most commonly used channels which is used by businesses to acquire leads on businesses. Here are some of the major areas which you will need to keep in mind to generate the important inbound marketing strategies:-

Decide social media platform which ensures maximum conversions

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are some of the most popular social media platforms. Therefore, you need to choose the exact platform in which you should focus your time and investment. Go for the one which converts the leads.

In case a major share of leads through inbound marketing come from LinkedIn, then you will need to enhance your efforts the next month. You can make use of your company LinkedIn account and personal LinkedIn account in group discussions multiple times within a week alone. The next month, you will receive new contacts from LinkedIn. When someone clicks on your link, what would you do? Drive the same to the landing pages which perform the best.

inbound marketing

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Make sure that there your blogs have a short form

What are the secrets to a blog post which generates leads? An exciting headline and a thought provoking summary. Check and make sure that you have entertaining and relevant content. Also check and ensure that there are striking visuals and a blog subscription form which people can use. Experts recommend adding a short form to your blog through which you can acquire the contact details of your visitor.

Once you have these details on your database you will be able to foster them till they are ready to buy. Consider the new leads as noodles. You will need to heat them for a considerable period so that they are eatable or in your case worth buying. What is the exact information you should request from the visitors? Experts are of the view that you should not ask them more than you are offering. For instance, if you have a blog subscription form, only ask them for their email address and their first name. In case they are downloading their ebook, add some more questions such as title and location.

Modify your message for your target audience

Doesn’t it seem quite obvious? However, you may be surprised to know that there are numerous businesses who don’t create segments for their audiences. Therefore, they need to create the same type of messages to all their audiences. You will need to think about it. Are you going to text your co-workers in the same way you text to your relatives? You naturally wouldn’t. Apply the same thing to your inbound marketing strategy. You can do this in one way. Once you have a new contact add it your Hubspot database. You can send them a personalized email based on the type of content which they have downloaded. Then add them to your monthly newsletter list.