Roller bearings  is a type of rolling bearing that makes use of cylinders between moving parts and its purpose is to bring down friction. It is capable of supporting axial and radial loads. They can work between moderate to high speeds.




needle bearing
Needle bearing

About Needle Bearings

Needle bearing is the lightest type of bearings in the roller bearing family. This feature gives it a significant advantage in certain types of applications, especially those which require reduced space and weight. They are opted over roller bearing in situations where it is vital to put in a large amount of load. They have higher load capacity than what is seen in roller bearings. Another reason why they are preferred is because their cost is low. It has excellent rolling characteristic inside a cross section.
Needle Bearing Designs and Their Uses
Out of the many needle bearing designs one that is most common is loose needle rollers which are seen in applications that need ground and hardened gear bore in the outer raceway.  Ones with contoured contours are used to bring down roller -end stress which arises out of misalignment or deflection. These types of needle bearing give uniform stress distribution and bearing performance is optimal.
Another type of needle bearing is the draw cup needle roller bearing. It has an outer shell that is used as the outer raceway and is a very economical type of needle bearing. This type of needle bearing is most suitable for high speed or load deflection. You will find the heavy duty needle bearings to be another very useful type of needle bearding. It has a thick and ground outer ring, which can manage shock and overload. This bearing works efficiently under high speed. This bearing is used in steering gear, hydraulic pumps and heavy machines.




Aircraft Industry
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Another type is the airframe needle bearings, which is meant for the aircraft industry. They have the capacity to support oscillating loads and the construction of each unit is such that it supports heavy outer rings.  They are used in pivot positions and slats.
Yet another type of needle bearing is the close end bearing, which has one end closed to provide sealing in designs in which the shaft should not go beyond the bearing. The thrust needle bearings are also very important and it is designed to carry axial loads and come with a hardened steel cage and they take up no more space than a plain thrust washer.
Thrust needle bearings
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Various types of needle bearing serve different purposes and can be used in a variety of machinery ranging from simple to complex. Look into the size and features of any one needle bearing to find what is best for your needs.
When opting for needle bearing, look into ones that are hardened and which are made from high carbon chromium steel as they can withstand significant heat and can work continuously , mostly importantly they are durable and can take on heavy loads. These types of bearings are used in pumps two cycle engines, agricultural equipment, truck transmission etc.