roller thrust bearings

Bearing simply means an accessory to a machine that restricts a relative motion into a desired motion. It reduces any unwanted friction from the moving parts to improve the performance and increase the service life of the machine itself. There are different kinds of bearings like Ball bearings, Roller bearings, Ball thrust and roller thrust bearings, Tapered bearings and Needle thrust bearings, Magnetic bearings and Giant roller bearings.

roller thrust bearings
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Thrust roller bearing: These bearings normally comprise of a cage for guidance, needle rollers and disc shaped rings/ rolling bearings. They can handle single way axial load and can be used without the rolling ring bearing mount can be used as the raceway itself. They are most suitable for less spacing designs, because of their load capacity and small section height.

Types of Roller thrust bearings: There are different kinds of roller thrust bearings that are designed according to the required dimensions, load capacity, installation, lubrication availability, friction and directional usage. Below are some of the common types used. Thrust bearings are usually used in aerospace, marine and automobile applications or equipments .

Tapered roller thrust bearings: are commonly used in automobiles especially in wheels of cars in order to support the axial thrust in both directions, including radial loads. They comprise of tapered rollers that are arranged in a way that their axis and the axis of bearing would merge at the same point. The length and angle of rollers will have to be measured carefully so that there are less friction without any skidding of wheels.

Cylindrical thrust roller bearings: Small rollers, cylindrical in shape are arranged flat with the bearing axis pointing towards them and can be mounted separately. These bearings are cheap and provide very high carrying capacity but any differences in friction and radial speed higher than ball bearings will fail them immensely.

Spherical thrust roller bearings: These provide the best load density, in all the thrust bearings. They can accommodate bi directional loads and handle any misalignment that occur with the shafts. These types of roller thrust bearings normally have spherical shaped rollers that are asymmetrical inside a washer and a raceway with an inner spherical shape. These bearings come in separable designs which make the housing washer easy to dismount and mount separately from the cage and roller assembly. There are options for special rollers that reduce the stress produced by the contact of rollers and raceways. The minimum load can be ignored when the speed is relatively low.