A machinery is made up of so many parts, some of which are static while others move so that it can function and carry out its activities. Out of the many parts used in it one that is vital is bearings. It is available in many models and variations, each of which have specific features and are used in various types of machinery.

Role of Bearings and Their Many Uses

Bearings are designed with precision so that they are able to work inside machinery at very high speeds and they are able to carry an enormous amount of load with efficiency. They are designed to be durable and thus can withstand temperature fluctuations and changes easily. You also do not have to wash or clean them often as the surface is such that it does not accumulate dirt or dust.



Bearing manufacturers
Bearing manufacturers
A high quality bearing will offer years of usage and will never break down. Generally they are used in computers, heavy duty factory machinery, refrigerators, machine tools etc. Use of a bearing is also based on its type. Some bearings can be used in a particular product while there are others that can be used in any type of machinery. Bearing manufacturers offer them in varying models and prices.


The most common type of bearing is the plain type, which is very simple in its design and made up of rolling elements. The bearings load capacity is very high and it is also the least expensive of all bearing types. The kind of materials used to make it is such that the item is durable and long lasting. They are sued in turbo machines and low speed shafting application.


Another bearing is the magnetic bearing, which have a predictable friction and can work without lubrication or vacuum. They can be used in machines motors, generators and turbines.Jewel bearing are yet another type of bearing which are very important in equipment. They have a metal spindle that turns a pilot hole and are largely used in clock and mechanical watches. They work by rolling the axle slightly off center when carrying their load.


Fluid bearings
Fluid bearings | Image Source : waukbearing.com


Fluid bearings are another type of bearing which can be in the form of hydrostatic bearings and fluid dynamics bearings. They are used in high speed application and can carry a high load.An important type of bearing is the flexure beating, which has one part joining others and motion occurs through a load element that bends.


This bearing is different because of its resistance to fatigue and hence it can withstand wear and tear. They are used in high precision instruments and electric utilities.You will find spherical bearings to offer significant utility. It is placed in gearboxes, paper machines, conveyors etc. this bearing has a barrel shaped roller and is generally used in high load applications.


spherical bearings
Spherical bearings


When you opt for bearing what is to be noted is their quality and utility. Look for bearing manufacturers who provide items made from long lasting material, thus enabling you to use them for huge period without any difficulty.