Pillow Block Bearings
Pillow Block Bearings

Machinery consists of a variety of moving parts, all of which must function in coordination so that the equipment can function properly. Out of the many bearings are very important because they assist moving parts and enable them to function. Out of the many types of bearings available, one that is commonly used is the pillow block bearing.

About Pillow Block Bearings and Their Uses

Pillow block bearings are popular for their designs which have resulted in them being used in so many different types of machinery. They offer high performance as well as durability hence they can be used for a variety of purposes and are especially required in industrialized environments, where machinery has to take on  high load capacity.

A variety of materials go into the making of pillow block bearing.  You can find them being made for aluminum, which allows for good heat conductivity.  They are also made using pressed steel which makes way for high performance with precision delivery. It can also be made using stainless steel, as it provides corrosion resistance.

The unique aspect of the pillow block bearing is that it supports a rotating shaft, which is made from cast iron or steel as these materials give good durability and strength. The outer ring here is stationery, while the inner ring moves about.  The designs also enable easy installation.

A very common type of pillow block bearing is the plain type, which can reduce friction in linear applications. Materials such as graphite metal, plastics or bronze are used to make them.  Metal pillow block bearing need to be lubricated to bring down the problem of wear and tear.

Another type of pillow block bearing is the ball bearing which has a ball as the rolling element. They are designed for providing low friction motion in rotary applications. The bearing is made up of inner and outer ring ball and there is also a cage separator.


Hydrodynamic bearing
Hydrodynamic bearing | Image Source : wikipedia.org

The hydrodynamic bearing is type that is much in use.  They make use of a film of oil of air to create clearance between moving and stationary parts. It has high stiffness and is made from material that ensures long life and durability. The load capacity is also tremendous.

Pillow block bearings are significant in their applications and how they can b put to use. They are available in many sizes and speeds.  Check out on these points before selecting any model, so that you buy one that is optimal for your working needs. When selecting pillow block bearings, it is vital to select one that is made from which quality material as it will be durable and long lasting.

The bearing can withstand extensive usage and you will be able to use it under the most difficult of temperatures and climatic conditions. It is also important to select bearings that have the least maintenance, so that they can be used continuously and they do not have to be cleaned often for them to work.