It is a mechanical component that has two parts, one which is fixed and another which is moving. They are commonly used in motion mechanism and you can find them being implemented in automation and robotics. Here motion can be ether regular or angular.


Angular Bearing
Angular Bearing

How to Select the Right Bearing for Your Application?
When you look at the bearing catalog, you will find so many types available in the market. Bearings serve various purposes and it is important to choose the right type of bearing so that the purpose for which it is selected is served.

Every bearing has specific properties, based on which it can be used for particular type of application. For example if you opt for something like spherical bearings, they can be used for managing heavy loads and they can adapt to various applications, which make them suitable for use in heavy industries.


spherical bearings
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Some of the key factors to consider when you look at bearing types in the bearing catalog are load – heavy or light, rigidity, bearing noise, precision, integrated seals, rotational speed etc.  The most important factor is whether the bearing is used to support radial or axial force.

Another important factor is the kind of material used to make the bearing, which can be plastic, glass or metal. You will find bearings being used in applications depending on their material.  Speed of the bearing is yet another factor to consider. What amount of speed do you want it to rotate? Look into the bearings maximum speed to find out what is the best for your needs.

You might want a shielded bearing instead of a plain bearing. A shielded bearing is one that has a rubber plate covering it which protects the bearing from dirt, dust and also liquids.

When choosing a bearing it is important to look into the material that is used to make it. The material that is used should be one that is strong so that it gives a long life to the bearing. The bearing should be such that it is able to bring down friction energy loss to a significant extent.  The design of the bearing should be such that it has minimum downtime and the maintenance expenses are also low.

Misalignment is yet another factor by which you should choose a ball bearing. It happens when the shaft bens under the load.  Some types of bearing have no misalignment, while other have it for just a couple of minutes.

The speed of the bearing is a significant factor that determines whether to choose it or not. For example if you want a bearing with a high speed, what should be opted is the deep groove ball bearings.

Noise is major factor when choosing a bearing as in some heavy equipment, which are placed in a factory setting, even if the noise is more it can be tolerated. However, in household application, noise from moving part must be less or even nil. Hence you should look into how the bearing produces noise when working before choosing it.