When you look at objects like a skate board or an electric motor, you would have noticed the fast spinning actions that it performs. How is the spin possible ad that too so smoothly and quietly?

The answer lies in the use of ball bearings. Such is their profuse use that you will lad up using one object or another which has it. Without bearings, the parts in the object would have to be replaced because of constant wear and tear.

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Understanding Ball Bearings, How They Work and Their Many Uses

Ball bearings help objects to move by rolling action rather than sliding. When an object has to slide against the ground or any flat surface, friction occurs which causes the movement to slow down. Bearing remove this through their rolling action. The bearings are essentially made up of two balls, an inner metal surface and an outer one.

The balls roll against these surfaces, essentially bearing the load, this allowing for the device to spin smoothly. The inner ring is usually fixed to an object such as a hub, while the outer rings moves, causing the balls to roll. The balls themselves are placed in a cage which prevents them from hitting each other. The very first design of the ball bearing was done by none other than Leonardo da Vinci and till this day, it is his basic design that has been used as the model for what is produced today.

Ball bearings can manage both thrust and radial loads and they are used in applications where the load is small. They are used things as commonplace as a skate board to items to everyday use item such as an electric fan or hard disk drive to items as complicated as medical equipment to technologies that are implemented in buildings for earthquake prevention to tools equipment, industrial line belts where products are lined up for packing and much more. Thus they have versatile application.

A ball bearing can come in varying sizes which range from something as small is a rice grain to some that is more than one meter in diameter, which are typically used in factory equipments. When buying ball bearing it is vital to check on quality as only then can you gain ultra smooth movement.

Here is what you need to look at before purchase:

  • Look for deep groves for the balls as this denotes high speed for axial and radial loads.
  • The bearings must be made from chrome steel as only then will they be resistant to corrosion.
  • The balls must also be made from chrome steel to ensure durability.
  • The manufacturer must have input lubricant thus eliminating the need for you to put it.
  • Both sides of the bearing must have rubber seals to keep the lubricant in and prevent dirt or particles from getting inside and preventing normal functioning.

It is vital to opt only for high quality ball bearings as they offer durability and strength. They can withstand the many pressures imposed by the environment in which they function.